Computel Computer Services provides computer and laptop repair and upgrade services for both residential and small business customers. With over 20 years in experience building, repairing, and working with computer components and networking, we’re positive that we’re the solution to your needs. We provide one on one support and explain every detail of your repair or service with you

One of our hardest jobs has been telling a client that she has lost the only pictures of her newborn daughters birth because her hard drive has failed is unreadable and no longer boots. Or the Mother that has lost all the pictures of her daughters wedding because of the same thing. Data backup is a very important issue with us. We believe on-line backups of important documents and pictures are a must because of hard drive failure. Yes sometimes it is possible to be able to retrieve lost data but most times it is not possible.

Because of this any computer that we work on, we will offer to install and setup either
OneDrive by Microsoft or Goggle Drive by Google
On your system for on-line backup use.

Microsoft offers 5 gigs of data storage for free, all it takes is a Microsoft account which most people use to setup their computers the first time. Or we will help you set up a Microsoft account if needed.
Goggle Drive offers 15 gigs of storage space for Free by using your Gmail or Google account. Or we will help you set this up also if needed.